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Fire Marshal Dispute Resolution

Interacting with a Fire Marshal's Office can become stressful and daunting. The issues and terminology are oftentimes confusing and complex. Without a clear understanding of the problem and solution, contractor quotes to complete repairs can be extremely varied, expensive, and not address the problem. The professional fire protection engineers at HCC & Associates can help you work through this maze to develop the most cost-effective construction solutions that are acceptable to a Fire Marshals Office.
Our services include the following:

  • Evaluating the issues and ensuring the issues are valid and enforceable
  • Developing solutions that comply with the Fire Marshal's requirements
  • Developing plans and specifications for corrective action that can be used to obtain competitive bids
  • Suggesting potential construction contractors and evaluating bid proposals
  • Providing construction management services to ensure the construction complies with the plans and specifications
  • Corresponding with the Fire Marshals Office in behalf of the client.


Some residential occupancies require fire protection upgrades to comply with State of Delaware fire protection retrofit requirements. Unlike fire alarm and sprinkler system installation contractors who profit from selling equipment, HCC & Associates provides objective design analysis and engineering services to ensure a cost effective approach for resolving deficiencies. HCC & Associates provides a detailed scope of work that can be used to solicit multiple “apples to apples” installation bids from multiple potential contractors. HCC & Associates can also provide bid analysis and construction management services.

Fire Marshal resolution

Fire Protection Studies

The Delaware Office of the State Fire Marshal may require (Delaware State Fire Prevention Regulations Section Part I, paragraph 4-9) a fire protection engineering analysis when there is a “need of such level of advance design or engineering criteria to ensure minimum compliance …” HCC & Associates provided such an engineering analysis for an industrial process in a 100-year old building that resulted in the omission of installing expensive fire protection.

Fire Marshal resolution

Tire Storage

Client was cited for moving into an existing building without making needed improvement for tire storage. HCC & Associates developed corrective actions that were equivalent to the Fire Marshal requirements at a construction cost that was significantly less than corrective actions that met the verbatim code requirements.

Fire Marshal resolution

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