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Private Sector Support

Industrial plants and consulting engineering companies sometimes require the assistance of a specialty trained fire protection engineer. Our fire protection engineers have at least a B.S. in Fire Protection Engineering and are registered in Professional Engineers in DE, PA, NJ, MD, and Washington D.C. HCC & Associates can help facility architects and mechanical, electrical, structural and other types of engineers resolve specific fire protection issues.

Fire protection engineering is a unique discipline.

Interacting with a Fire Marshal's Office can become stressful and daunting. The issues and terminology are oftentimes confusing and complex. Fire protection engineers use science and technology to protect people, property and businesses from destructive fires. They analyze how buildings are used, how fires start, how fires grow, and how fire and smoke affect people, buildings and property.
Our services include the following:

  • Designing systems that control fire, alert people to danger and provide means for escape.
  • Evaluating buildings to pinpoint risks of fires and the means to prevent them.
  • Providing code interpretations to ensure cost-effective compliance.
  • Recommending cost effective fire protection solutions to ensure that the structure, property, and the occupants are properly protected.
  • Corresponding with the Fire Marshals Office in behalf of the client.

HCC & Associates completes fire hazards to determine facilities operations that have the potential to cause harm. For example, HCC & Associates provides qualified personnel to complete fire safety analyses as required by NFPA 58, Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code.

Fire protection

The fire protection engineers from HCC & Associates work closely with the engineering staffs of some of the largest industrial manufacturers in the world to help them solve specific fire protection issues. Most industrial manufacturers do not have the ability to have a full time fire protection engineer on staff. HCC & Associates provides fire protection engineering support on as-needed basis. Our services are sometimes provided only once or twice a year, or on a continuous basis.

Fire protection

HCC & Associates work with facility personnel who do not have ready access to engineering support. HCC & Associates provides personal assistance in resolving all issues related to fire protection. Our services include developing preventative maintenance schedules, developing scopes of work for potential fire protection maintenance contractors, validating the need to maintain a specific fire protection system, water supply analyses and all other fire protection related issues.

Fire protection

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